Do you tired of using the same bags with others? Although your products are unique, same appearance with others.

The Refined Printing can impressed your customer.

You can put any information on the bags, your logo, address, phone, product introduce and anything.

Bag Type: Zipper Standing Bags Center Seal Bags Drip Coffee Bags Drip Coffee Boxs
Minimum Quantity: 2,000.pcs 5,000.pcs 20,000.pcs Please E-mail

All of our bags’ paper material are High Quality 3+1 Material that make our bags more solid.

Within Tear Resistance Material and UV Resistant Silver Film so the bags won’t be shreded easily and avoid the products’ quality or flavor changing because of UV affect.

Or you need more unique paper bags, like your own size, type even material customize.

You can e-mail to : frenen2000@coffeebelt.com

Product Manager

Sun Fren